"For They Sow..."

"For they sow the wind and they reap the whirlwind" (Hosea 8:7)

If you have followed the news recently, you know that the entertainment industry has been rocked by numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. Several actors and actresses are speaking out against the predatory practices of others in positions of power and influence in the business. In many cases, the abuse took place years ago, but wasn't reported until now for fear of losing jobs or opportunities for jobs or because they were paid money to keep quiet. But, emboldened by others who have stepped forward, these silent ones are also being heard. The jury is still out, as they say, but due to the sheer numbers involved, it's naive to think these are all fabricated claims. Time will tell.

The contributing factors to this problem in the industry are likely numerous. I have to wonder if at least some of issue has been fueled by the attitude that most of Hollywood has taken toward the "sexual revolution" in our country over the last few decades. The entertainment industry has been at the forefront of stretching the boundaries of what is considered to be appropriate sexual behavior. The "boys will be boys" mentality has been coddled if not glorified. Sexual deviance and violence are more and more prevalent in movies and television. Is it any wonder that the dividing line between acting and reality is increasingly blurred?

Please make no mistake. I'm not saying that these victims deserved what happened to them - that they somehow "had it coming." That would not be showing the attitude of Christ. Sexual abuse should never be condoned regardless of the contributing factors. I applaud the courage of those who have finally said "enough is enough!" I am hoping that this example from one segment of society will help us all to realize that our sometimes our choices can have devastating consequences. Rather than pointing my finger at the entertainment industry, I need to first consider how my own "sowing" could be contributing to my own "whirlwind."

God loves you! -Mike

(by Mike Anderson, 11/12/17)