"A certain man was troubled with dizzy spells, redness in his face and bulging eyes. Every day when he went to his office, he experienced these things. Weekends were not so bad, so he concluded his work was causing his physical discomfort.

Numerous doctors were consulted, but the cause of his problems could not be determined. He finally resigned himself to the fact that whatever was causing all this was fatal. He decided to prepare for the worst. He made out his will, bought a cemetery plot, instructed the preacher what he wanted at his funeral, and even made arrangements with the local undertaker. He was fully convinced of his soon demise. He even decided to buy a new suit of clothes to be buried in.

When he went into the clothing store, he picked out shoes, socks, coat, and pants. The sales person asked, 'What size shirt will you be needing, sir?' 'Size 15, please,' he replied. The clerk said, 'But, sir, I believe that is a bit small. Let me measure your neck size.' After the measurement, the salesperson said, 'I'm sorry sir, but your will need a 16 1/2, not a size 15.' But the man insisted, 'No, I have worn a size 15 for years.'

The salesperson tried several times to convince his customer that he needed a 16 1/2, but the man would have nothing of it. Finally, the exasperated sales person said, 'Well, sir, if you insist, we'll get out a size 15, but I must warn you, you will have dizzy spells, get red in the face, and your eyes will bulge out' " - (borrowed and adapted from http://www.vscoc.org/).

There are times when being unyielding is admirable. But there are other times when it showcases our foolishness. The Bible tells us that "...the way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice" (Proverbs 12:15, NIV). Rather than always being stubborn, often it's better to "...listen to counsel and accept discipline, that you may be wise the rest of your days" (Proverbs 19:20, NAS).

God loves you! -Mike

(by Mike Anderson, 11/5/17)